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About irb

 [ irb ] Everything you've heard about me is true, especially the lies. I graduated from a college you've never heard of so many years ago that it's probably a Dollar General by now (if there's any justice in the world). I spent enough time with the Jesuits to realize that I didn't appreciate spending time with the Jesuits. Nature may abhor a vacuum but I rather enjoyed my time sending cameras and dune buggies off-world. I married a woman I don't deserve, who blinded me with mortuary science; and I have secured the existence of our people by generating adorable babies with her. If you really must send me a message, use IRC. I am a recovering sysadmin. Just let email die.

irb has no home page. Hunted, despised, unfavored by the Algorithm!


 [ MBD ] This is a personal site and hardly ever gets updated. What you're looking at now will be remarkably similar to what you'll be seeing if you check back in 2009 2015 2020 2025 (unless those idiots in Congress get us all killed, in which case you're on your own). This site is under deconstruction, makes frequent use of <blink> tags, and is so standards compliant it is being reccomended as an RFC.

I recommend viewing this site in telnet to port 80 or s_client to port 443.

	G - a cheap plastic imitation of the Amulet of Yendor
	a - a +1 FN Browning Hi-Power in .40 S&W (weapon in hand)
	b - a +1 Winchester 94 AE chambered in .44 Magnum (alternate weapon; not wielded)
	c - 24 +2 elven hollowpoints (in moon clips)
	d - 60 +0 Orcish rifle cartridges
	e - an uncursed +2 Panama hat (being worn)
	f - a cursed pair of iron boots (being worn)
	g - the blessed +5 Maximum Pants (being worn)
	h - an uncursed -2 Iron Maiden T-Shirt
	i - an uncursed fireproof +0 Hawaiian shirt (being worn)
	j - 3 blessed carne asada tacos
	O - an uncursed lizard corpse named Floyd
	P - an unsmoked +2 My Father "Le Bijou 1922" cigar 
	A - an uncursed +0 Perdomo Fresco cigar (lit)
	W - a cursed spellbook of DNS and BIND
	X - a blessed fireproof Anthologion
	B - an uncursed spellbook of Bash Scripting
	Y - a cursed ring of conflict (on right hand)
	Z - a blessed wedding ring (on left hand)
	k - 3 blessed potions of Lagavulin
	l - 3 cursed potions of Ranger Candy Coffee
	r - an uncursed wand of packet cancellation (1:6)
	s - an uncursed wand of wishing (3:0)
	U - a blessed wand of secret door creation (1:3)
	t - a blessed prayer rope
	m - an uncursed -1 Leatherman multitool
	n - an uncursed +0 Orcish flashlight
	o - a cursed +0 Android phone (on fire)	
	p - a cursed -2 torch lighter
	q - the blessed rustproof +7 Xikar V-Cutter
	y - a blessed cigarette case of holding
	I - a blessed etherkiller

Contents of the cigarette case of holding:
	a blessed Yubikey Neo
	a cursed Mt. Gox Yubikey
	a cursed RSA SecurID token

irb the BOfH              St:15 Dx:13 Co:16 In:18 Wi:12 Ch:8  Chaotic
Gehennom:48 $:0  HP:23(767) Pw:2(182) AC:-48 Xp:30/149201488 T:113801791 Burdened
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Here are some off-ramps you might enjoy on the "Information Superhighway".
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AltaVista, a "search engine"; Archie for the World Wide Web
NCSA Mosaic, a graphical World Wide Web browser program

Malleus Maleficarum, the actual Hexenhammer.
Societas Machinarum, Bitcoin fracking, slant drilling and subsurface trespass operations

Playing with github, but don't want to pay for it (yet?). (actually I built my own. You can't have it. [yet?]).
Keybase::irb, cryptol33t antisocial notworking.

attrition (finger)

You can find me on the air as KF7SJD, usually in 70cm or 2m. Good luck.

PGP: the crypto-wonder drug in vogue

These are my current, active GnuPG keys; A complete listing is also available. The expiration date on my personal key is updated every 11 months, or the key is revoked.

Why do I keep multiple keys? Mostly to defend against my employer getting sued and my data being caught up in a subpoena. I suggest you do the same.

There are some issues with PGP, which you may want to consider. They are outlined here and here. If you require encrypted communications and aren't comfortable or familiar with PGP, I suggest finding me in #machinarii on the Machinarum IRC server.

Personal Key
Use: Personal communications
Key ID: 0x23950C023A78CC64
Download: irb_personal.key.pub
Keyserver: keys.gnupg.net
Notes: This is my default key.

21B3 2075 D785 6F93 BE3B 2B56 2395 0C02 3A78 CC64

Yubikey Key
Use: Personal communications :: Travel :: Business
Key ID: 0x89764F2CB25D5256
Download: irb_yubikey.key.pub
Keyserver: keys.gnupg.net
Note: Due to Yubikey Neo restrictions, this key is "limited" to 2048bit RSA.

2B76 B3B2 7C9F 3610 AD67 BB14 8976 4F2C B25D 5256

keybase.io Key
Use: keybase.io Social PGP Key Directory
Key ID: 0xC0551F89FC5CE705
Download: irb_keybase.key.pub
Keyserver: keybase.io/irb/pgp_keys.asc
Note: I'm not giving them my private key so I generated a new one just for them

ED61 BF20 DFAA 1A09 945D 27D9 C055 1F89 FC5C E705

Bitcoin Address

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