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S O C I E T A S    M A C H I N A R V M
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Receiving Email

Societas Machinarum, and the sites we host, implements strong measures to counteract UCE and UBE (also referred to as "Spam"). In addition to the usual array of message filters and scanners, we drop mail outright from sites that:

Also, our anti-viral software will quarantine and block messages that contain certain attachments (and yes, we do scan archives). If you really need to send that poker.exe zip archive to someone whose email is hosted here, you'll be better off arranging for alternate transport.

With the exception of public mailing lists and shared mailboxes, all mail for which our systems are responsible and/or are the final destaination shall be the property of the recipient(s). No claim of copyright or confidentiality shall apply to any mail entering this network. Email submitted to the staff at SocMal becomes the property of SocMal. It is with this in mind that we encourage all email users to encrypt their email.

If you are trying to receive mail here but it never gets through to you, it's likely that the sending host fits into one of the above categories. Contact the admins and let them know; if the host is not a spammer, we'll add an exception for the site.

Sending Email

If you have internet-addressable hosts on our network, you must use our mail server for outbound email. You cannot send directly to the internet. All outbound mail is scanned for viruses and prohibited attachments.

For the majority of our users outside the network, we support SMTP-AUTH as a means of sending mail through our server. You simply enter the IMAP username and password you were given, along with our mail server hostname, in your mail client's configuration dialog for outgoing mail. Users needing help with this are enouraged to ask the admins.

It should go without saying that we do not, will not, and have never tolerated spammers on our networks. If your account is responsible for sending UCE it will be suspended immediately. If the spam was unintentional then your account may be reinstated at the discretion of the admins; if it was intentional, your account (at least) will be terminated.


Sites with abuse, spam, or other network complaints relevant to any domains we host are encouraged to contact the postmaster address for the relevant domain, the abuse address, or use the admin contact form. You should have an answer to your complaint within 24 hours.